Poetry Expo 2023 | Half a century apart

Con la rivista greca Exitirion abbiamo partecipato al Poetry Expo 2023, organizzato da Versopolis.
Il progetto presentato è Half a century apart

The title ‘Half a century difference’ may indicate a result of personal data processing – believe me, it was not our intention – but it is the two poets: from Rome (IT) and Komotini (EL), who defined and named – a random event – the project which was designed on the context of the POETRY EXPO 2023 | VERSOPOLIS. The project ‘Half a century apart’ brings together, without age discrimination and without content discrimination, 44 poets from: Greece, Italy, Kosovo and the Czech Republic, who read their poems written under the same sunlight, and who have experienced each in their own way: May ’68 and a year after the moon landing, the arrive of HIV/AIDS, the digital revolution and the epoch of fake news… and they all are waiting for the 4th industrial revolution, they all are living the epoch of the antagonism: the old fighting against the new. From the participating poets a material of limited length (up to 10 verses) and duration (up to 50 seconds of recitation) had been requested, for technical reasons related to the planning and production of the participation: all of them responded successfully, taking into account the expected standard deviation. In addition, no specific direction was given as to the theme and all materials were accepted without discrimination.
The project is part of the subtheme Connect not divide.